Advanced Endpoint Protection

  • Antivirus Scanning

    Scans endpoints against a massive list of known good and bad les compiled from years as the world’s largest certi cate authority and from the 85 million endpoints deployed worldwide.

  • Auto-Containment

    Unknown executables and other les that request runtime privileges are automatically run in Comodo’s patented virtual container that does not have access to the host system’s resources or user data. They run just as well as they would on the host system, making it seamless from the end-user perspective, but they cannot damage or infect the system.

  • VirusScope Behavioural Analysis

    Uses techniques such as API hooking, DLL injection prevention, and more to identify indicators of compromise while keeping the endpoint safe and without a ecting usability.

  • Valkyrie Verdict Decision Engine

    Valkyrie verdict decision engine: While running in auto-containment, unknown les are uploaded to a global threat cloud for real-time analysis, returning a verdict within 45 seconds for 95% of the les submitted.

  • Human Analysis

    In the 5% of cases where VirusScope and Valkyrie are unable to return a verdict, the le can be sent to researchers for human analysis who make a determination within SLA timelines.

  • Host Intrusion Prevention

    Rules-based HIPS that monitors application activities and system processes, blocking those that are malicious by halting actions that could damage critical system components.

  • Personal Packet Filtering Firewall

    : Provides granular management of inbound and outbound network activities, hides system ports from scans, and provides warnings when suspicious activities are detected. Can be administered remotely or by a local administrator.

Remain secure with industry-leading cybersecurity software

Zero-day threats, viruses, and ransomware are prevalent in the modern business environment and without su cient protection your crucial data is at severe risk. Anti-virus and anti-malware protection are critical to securing your business assets, but as silent workers in the background on our devices we often forget how important they are and exactly what they do to protect us.

Bitdefender has consistently ranked highly for its performance, usability and protection amongst industry experts. Its proven track record from numerous accolades means it is one of the best and most recommended cybersecurity products on the market.

What Is Bitdefender GravityZone?

Encompassing more than just anti-virus, the cybersecurity product brings a host of features that all aim to protect your device. Between anti-malware, anti-phishing and dual-layered firewalls, Bitdefender ensures your device is secure by detecting, anticipating and blocking all known or unknown attacks from its centralised cloud console.

Under its Advanced Threat Control suite, Bitdefender extracts known patterns of malware and viruses and looks for similar patterns in new, emerging threats. By watching over all active processes, it marks any malicious behaviour against a score. Should the active threat receive a score that passes the suspicious threshold, Bitdefender will remove and quarantine the malicious code.

  • Intuitive Filter Settings

    Provides customers with supreme data protection.

  • Location-Aware Polices

    Security polices that adapt as users take their systems outside the business network.

  • Email Notifications

    Automatic email notifications when events occur.

  • Device & USB Control Scanning

    Minimise risks of infections and data loss with automatic scanning.

  • Two-Way Firewall

    Essential in blocking intrusion and hijack attempts.

  • Antivirus & AntiMalware

    Continuous process monitoring with a global threat intelligence network.


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