G Suite

What Is G Suite? 

G Suite is a subscription based service offering a range of enterprise grade Cloud services for businesses of all sizes. 

Coherent Consult can help your business achieve its maximum potential by implementing and supporting G Suite.

  • Gmail

    Ease of use, security and speed of Professional Gmail on your domain name

  • Drive

    Share files effortlessly over the cloud with advanced file management features, granular sharing permission settings and more

  • Calendar

    Schedule meetings, collaborate on video calls and sync them all with your mobile devices seamlessly

  • Docs

    Create, edit, and collaborate with others on documents hosted on the cloud. Enjoy real time editing with all the latest review and text editing features!

  • Sheets

    Build, edit, and review spreadsheets online with all your stakeholders using this robust, feature rich editor. Data manipulation, reporting and sharing is now easy!

  • Hangouts

    Whether in office or at home, help your team stay together through audio and video meetings


What is Exclaimer Cloud - Signatures for G Suite?

Exclaimer is easy to use, professional email signature software that’s designed for G Suite. It works by using your company’s G Suite Directory to pull through your contact details and attach it to all outbound or inbound emails from your mailbox. With a web-based management portal, signatures can be quickly designed and applied to any individual or group without needing any digital or design expertise.


Signatures for G Suite

  • Works On All Devices

    Every G Suite user will get a consistent, professional email signature on emails sent from any device, including mobile devices and Macs.

  • Deliver Brand Consistency

    Apply company-wide signatures with a professional and consistent structure by adding logos, promotional banners and your custom font.

  • Generate Inbound Marketing

    Apply custom time and date ranges on G Suite signatures to work with marketing campaigns, promotional events or seasonal offers to generate inbound marketing, saving on costs.

  • Unlimited Signature Creation

    There’s no limit to how many signatures you can create – Templates can be made for individual users, departments or employees who speak different languages.

What Is SkyKick Cloud Backup?

SkyKick Cloud Backup is a market-leading backup solution that helps protect your Office 365 data. Featuring unlimited backup storage, powerful search mechanics and one-click data restore, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your productivity back on track.

If you’re using Office 365 for your email,
to store files in the cloud via OneDrive for Business, or to communicate and share files with your colleagues via Office 365 Groups
and SharePoint, SkyKick will back up everything automatically up to six times per day. So, even if you delete a file by accident, chances are that it will be saved on a previous backup and can be easily recovered.

Office 365 Archiving Isn't A Substitute For Backup

Microsoft will only replicate your data in Office 365 for data retention purposes. Many users assume that their data is automatically backed up, as emails are archived. Unfortunately, features such as In-Place Hold and Legal Hold will only capture an email
in Exchange Online and protect that data from deletion to meet compliance and legal requirements.

OneDrive for Business works similarly. As a storage system, it will store user’s files in personal accounts, so that they can have easy access to files on demand. But OneDrive users can permanently delete their data, if they choose to, and there’s no way for an administrator to restore them. On the other hand, SharePoint Administrators can permanently delete items on a site and will be unable to recover them. Using SkyKick, however, reduces these risks.

  • Unlimited Backup

    No data caps, no retention limits and six daily backups as standard for all customers.

  • No File Overwrites

    All data is backed up separately to eliminate the risk of cross-file infection.

  • Exact Location Data Recovery

    Individual or bulk data can be recovered to the same location to ease with the restoration process.

  • Aids Data Compliance

    Helps customers comply with data protection and litigation polices with fully secure archiving.

  • Ultra Secure

    All data is backed up with encryption in transit and at rest, remaining safe in the UK or EA Microsoft Azure datacentres.


Backup for Office 365

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